Hitting a funding milestone, crowd-funding, and an $8.7 million round delivered

Cortado hits first funding milestone

OK City’s Cortado Ventures, which launched at the end of May, has already hit its first funding milestone, raising $10 million “months ahead of schedule.” The early-stage firm says it will extend the funding through August with the goal of raising $15 million.

SWIPEBY launches crowd-funding campaign

Curbside pickup platform SWIPEBY, based in Winston-Salem, has launched a campaign on crowd-funding site Republic. The company raised more than $150,000 in the first six days of the campaign and is shooting for over $1 million.

An $8.7 million round delivered

Perishable Shipping Solutions announced that it has closed an $8.7 million Series A round of financing, led by SJF Ventures. The company, located in Youngstown, OH, offers shipping and fulfillment services for delivery of cold and frozen foods.