IncludeHealth delivers next-gen care and training

Photo courtesy IncludeHealth

Ohio-based IncludeHealth is a digital health and performance company delivering next-generation musculoskeletal care and training for people with and without disabilities. Flyover Future spoke with CEO Ryan Eder about how his startup has evolved since its inception in 2009.

What was your inspiration behind IncludeHealth?

Eder: It all started through the lens of physical accessibility when I witnessed a man in a wheelchair relentlessly struggle while exercising. As a design student at the time, I thought there had to be a better way for him to stay healthy and focused on solving this problem for my senior thesis.

The initial project won some significant global design awards and created the spark to make that original concept a reality. Over the years, our technology has vastly expanded, but the initial focus remains the same: lowering barriers to achieve optimal health and performance.

What is IncludeHealth in its current form?

Eder: IncludeHealth provides a medically driven, comprehensive musculoskeletal platform. Through an integrated suite of sensors and software, we digitally connect physical therapy clinics or athletic training facilities to deliver next-generation care and training. 

Can you walk us through ways you’ve had to adjust your business plans over the years?

Eder: Every time we’ve expanded our products and capabilities, it is always with the intention to help more people in their road to recovery from a variety of movement-related injuries, while also bolstering efforts for sports performance training.

What is IncludeCloud?

Eder: Commercially launched in early 2018, IncludeCloud is a cloud-based platform that pairs HIPAA-compliant data capture and analysis software with connected equipment and sensors to guide providers and their clients toward optimal health and performance.

Available through any device with a secured login, practitioners and trainers can build digital protocols and routines in a matter of minutes and send those to any connected equipment on the platform, regardless of location. When it’s time for a session, we autonomously deliver the program with instruction and live guidance through paired tablets.

During a routine, we passively build a detailed digital profile of someone’s performance (looking at velocity, force, work, power, and more) and send that back to the cloud to review individual sessions or analyze progress over time.

Pairing with our product IncludeConnect, IncludeCloud can live on any strength or cardio equipment regardless of manufacturer or type. Using our technology enables facilities to leverage their existing equipment and deliver breakthrough digital services to expand their capacity, objectively measure outcomes, and create a better client experience.

Our platform is utilized in a multitude of industries including but not limited to long-term care, athletic training and sports performance, orthopedics, and neuroscience.

What advantages were there in developing a company in Cincinnati?

Eder: IncludeHealth started as my senior thesis in DAAP at the University of Cincinnati back in 2006, so we’ve always been deeply rooted in the Midwest. Over our 14-year journey to date, we have received unwavering support from key partners across the region, ranging from academia, corporations, investors, vendors, and many more.

The strategic partnerships we’ve established and exceptional supply chain we’ve created has allowed us to develop a powerful and intuitive solution. We’re proud to be based in Ohio and think it’s an advantage for us as we continue to grow.