Making a better UVC ray for COVID sanitizing

UVC light has been used for decades to sterilize critical areas and sensitive equipment in hospitals.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the technology has seen a surge in usage in areas outside of hospitals. In May, Carnegie Robotics rolled out two robots to clean the Pittsburgh International Airport with UVC rays.

While the benefits of UVC have been proven against pathogens, there have been concerns about its safety, especially now when there are so many inadequate and unsafe devices flooding the market.

For the most part, UVC lights, when used correctly, are safe. But there’s a chance that sterilization lights can be harmful to the skin and eyes.

Kansas City’s SARIN Energy Solutions, which provides high-grade LED lights for various industries, is now launching UVC Sterilization Germicidal Lights to be used in hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, and many kinds of high-touch places.

SARIN’s products contain safety features that prevent accidental exposure to people and animals, and they are in the process of being tested by an independent laboratory. You can see some of the test results here.