Pandemic Report: A lung-brain correlation, tech transfer & research, & the growth of telehealth

COVID and patients’ brains

Researchers at UC have been studying the way COVID-19 impacts other parts of the body. Now they’ve found a correlation between the severity of the disease in the lungs and the severity of effects on patients’ brains.

Masks and COVID transmission

According to a pilot study done in Missouri, when schools practice mandatory masking, social distancing, and frequent hand-washing, COVID-19 transmission in rare.

Tech tranfer during the pandemic

Kelly Sexton, associate vice president for research-technology transfer and innovation partnerships at the University of Michigan, discusses how the business of commercializing university technology progressed and evolved during the pandemic.

The growth of telehealth

According to a survey by the Minnesota Medical Association, prior to COVID-19, telehealth accounted for 3% of patient visits. Now, nearly 30% of health care visits are conducted electronically. Here’s a look at the state of telemedicine today.

COVID and geospatial tech

How have health care experts used geospatial technology during the COVID-19 pandemic? Today’s event from the GeoInnovation National Speaker Series will address this. The event, available by Zoom, will be at 2:00 p.m. today.