Pandemic Report: antibody longevity | mRNA & allergies | UV protection

COVID-19 antibody news

COVID-19 immunity may last longer that we thought. Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have found cells in the bone marrow of COVID-19 survivors that were still providing antibodies months after their recovery.

Team spirit

The Pittsburgh Penguins have teamed up with Carnegie Robotics to bring autonomous UV floor scrubbers to concourses at PPG Paints Arena. The machines, which have a UV deck, can run all day and all night.

mRNA and allergic reactions

Severe allergic reactions to the mRNA vaccines occurs in about 2.5 to 5.5 people per 1 million doses. Cleveland Clinic will be participating in a placebo-controlled study to determine who is most at risk of having an allergic reaction.

Dogs and COVID-19

Well, here’s something more to worry about: a dog coronavirus. Researchers at The Ohio State University have completed a genetic analysis on a newly discovered coronavirus — one that has evolved from a coronavirus that afflicts dogs to infect humans.