Pandemic Report: Vaccine development tech | COVID-19 & anemia | Teaching with tech

Mayo Clinic technology licensed

ROCHESTER, MN—The Mayo Clinic has developed technology that is meant to boost the protective capacity of new vaccines. The engineering process amplifies the antigen protein that’s delivered by a vaccine at the cellular level. Oklahoma-based Tetherex Pharmaceuticals has licensed the tech from Mayo.

COVID-19 and anemia

ROCHESTER, MN—AI health tech company nference used data from the Mayo Clinic in a study to deepen understanding of risks related to long-term COVID-19 symptoms. By analyzing lab test results for patients rehospitalized after a COVID-19 infection, researchers found that those patients are more likely to have experienced anemia before their diagnosis and during the time they were infected with COVID-19.

Teaching around COVID-19

LINCOLN, NE—During the pandemic, The University of Nebraska Medical Center increased its use of simulation and visualization technologies to help train staff. One example is the use of manikins that can replicate the respiratory issues often seen in COVID-19 patients. This has allowed health professionals outside of respiratory care to train on the use of ventilators.