PUDDLE HOPS: Arch Grants; IAM Robotics debuts Bolt; large-scale 3D printing

Arch Grants Startup Competition

The Arch Grants Startup Competition is open for applications. Through their annual Startup Competition, they award $50,000 non-dilutive grants (and $10,000 non-dilutive support for relocation expenses for companies relocating from outside of MO), and provide professional support services to early-stage companies that locate their business to St. Louis for at least one year. In addition, all Arch Grants Companies are eligible to receive up to $100K in additional non-dilutive funding as they grow and scale. Visit their website to apply.  

Introducing Bolt

Pittsburgh-based IAM Robotics has debuted its newest robot, Bolt, and announced a partnership with Tompkins Robotics.

Soft robots

Engineers at Duke University have developed an electronics-free soft robot shaped like a dragonfly that can skim across water and indicate places where the pH changes.

Large-scale 3D printing

Tennessee-based Branch Technology, a company that specializes in large-scale 3D printing, has printed a building façade that will be mounted onto the front of a local branch of the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union bank.

Data and farming

Kansas City’s Farmobile has been granted a patent for its real-time data collection system that will be used for operations such as fertilizing, planting, spraying, and harvesting crops.