PUDDLE HOPS: Clean energy | Electric vehicle chargers | AgTech

Clean energy sources

INDIANAPOLIS, IN—The AES Corp., parent of AES Indiana, is partnering with California-based X, the moonshot factory to build and operate various clean energy resources. The partnership will involve developing tools to simulate and virtualize its distribution grids in Indiana and Ohio, in turn making it easier to build and operate additional energy sources.

Electric vehicle chargers on light poles

KANSAS CITY, MO—One of the most common barriers to electric vehicle (EV) adoption is the lack of accessible charging infrastructure. The Metropolitan Energy Center (MEC), a nonprofit focused on energy efficiency and environmental health in the region, has spearheaded a new pilot project to install electric vehicle chargers on light poles.

Emerging parking tech

DETROIT, MI—Ford’s Detroit Smart Parking Lab (DSPL) will officially open for business in September. The facility is the first real-world test site in the nation for emerging parking technology and is designed to allow mobility and smart infrastructure pioneers, real estate innovators and startups to test parking-related mobility, logistics and various EV charging technologies.

Benson Hill launches new program for yellow pea

ST. LOUIS, MO—Food tech company Benson Hill, Inc. launched its advanced breeding and commercialization program for yellow pea, one of the fastest-growing sources of protein for plant-based meat. The goal is to shorten the development cycle and to produce better-tasting varieties, which would consequently limit the need for additives. Flyover Future interviewed Jason Bull, Benson Hill’s chief technology officer, earlier this year.