PUDDLE HOPS: Farmobile gets patent | AI-driven contractor app | TechOhio

Farmobile issued new patent

LEAWOORD, KS—Ag data company Farmobile LLC has a new patent for its cloud-based farming data collection and exchange system. A relay device installed in farming vehicles automatically receives, stores and processes detailed machine and agricultural data captured by the machine during farming operations.

AI and contractor bidding

DETROIT, MI—Guilde has launched a new AI-driven contractor bid pricing app. Using the app, contractors can enter the specs for a project; Guilde will then price it out based on union and non-union rates, resulting in a fair-market price for the project.

Indy 500 tech firsts

SPEEDWAY, IN—The Indy 500 isn’t all about vroom vroom! Over the last century, technology that’s now commonplace in street car — from seatbelts to all-wheel traction — was first developed for race cars. Here’s a look at some of the innovation that came from Indy 500 racing engineers and drivers.

TechOhio wants to see your creative solutions

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