PUDDLE HOPS: High Alpha | Manufacturing tech | Regenerative fuel cells

High Alpha helps launch two innovative startups

INDIANAPOLIS, IN—There’s a lot going on at High Alpha. Two innovative startups have launched out of the Indy-based venture studio. First, is an e-commerce platform designed for independent culinary artists. The platform, created by Castiron, provides users with a customizable website builder, built-in food-specific product information such as ingredients and allergen disclosures, and order and inventory management tools. Also launched with High Alpha’s help, is an interview intelligence startup called Pillar that has developed a platform that uses AI and in-interview coaching to make the hiring process more precise.

Regenerative fuel cells

ST. LOUIS, MO—Researchers have developed a new type of device that has a host of benefits for terrestrial, space, and military applications. The team from McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis developed what they are calling unitized regenerative fuel cells (URFCs). The URFC when combined with a bifunctional catalyst allows both the functions of a fuel cell and battery. Thus, making it possible to use water to generate hydrogen and oxygen, then after the flip of a switch, it can convert that fuel and oxygen into electricity and water.

Manufacturing tech sandbox

DETROIT, MI—LIFT announced that it has begun developing a Digital Twin Smart Factory Showcase at its Corktown facility in conjunction with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Siemens Digital Industries. The showcase will provide a demonstration sandbox for manufacturing companies and economic developers to explore smarter manufacturing technologies. The showcase will educate, stimulate, and support large and small manufacturing companies along with students. 

Sports tech startup in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC—A college basketball player hatched an idea for a startup after seeing a discrimination case nearly destroy his team. David Chadwick’s company, called RealResponse, provides tech that lets members of college and large sports organizations file anonymous complaints in real time using simple texts and then compiles that data in a documentation repository.

MIT comes to Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE, WI—An entrepreneurship mentoring program developed at MIT is coming to the Milwaukee area. Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce president Tim Sheehy and venture capitalist Chris Abele hope the program can bring more attention to the region’s startup and entrepreneurship scene.

Cleveland opens innovation hub

CLEVELAND, OH—The EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub in Cleveland has opened its new facility. The Hub’s historical, 60,000-square-foot facility will help businesses tap into the unlimited potential of new technologies as well as digital, automation. and ecosystem platforms.