PUDDLE HOPS: Monetizing gaming talent | Wireless vehicle charging | AI talent

Monetizing gaming talent

PITTSBURGH, PA—Metafy is a platform that enables online gamers to monetize their talent through one-on-one coaching and courses. It has had solid growth since its start and will be closing on a $5.5 million seed extension in the next few weeks. Founder Josh Fabian talks to Crunchbase about how he knew his company was succeeding when it reached the “hater tipping point.”

On the road to geospatial excellence

ST. LOUIS, MO—Last year, leaders behind St. Louis’ economic development initiative called GeoFuture released a report outlining how to make the city the “global center of geospatial excellence.” So far they’ve reached key milestones, including the creation of an accelerator, a VC fund focused on geospatial, and the expansion of Arch Grants to cover geospatial firms.

Contactless wireless vehicle charging

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN—As electric vehicles become more widely used, there will come a demand for a reliable and convenient charging infrastructure. The Indiana Department of Transportation and Purdue University are working together to develop the world’s first contactless wireless-charging concrete pavement highway segment.

New e-bike GENZ-1

MILWAUKEE, WI—Startup NewWay Innovation is developing an e-bike called GENZ-1. The e-bike connects through the internet to a mobile messaging platform that gives riders notifications about their bike performance and maintenance instructions. It uses rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 25 kph.

Producing next-gen AI talent for the military and government

CRANE, IN—Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division has launched an AI research and workforce development initiative in partnership with three Hoosier universities. The effort aims to produce the next generation of AI talent for the military and government.