PUDDLE HOPS: Oklahoma and renewable energy; GM to make electric Silverado

Renewable energy 

Wind projects by Invenergy and Duke Energy Renewables are making Oklahoma a leader in renewable energy. The latest wind project owned by Duke Energy went online this month.  

Tech for gas turbine engines

Purdue University innovators are looking for new solutions to reduce emissions and enhance operations of gas turbine engines using electrocardiogram-type technology similar to tests used on human hearts.

Electric Silverado

GM is adding to its lineup an electric Chevrolet Silverado which will be based on the automaker’s Ultium battery platform and will have an estimated range of more than 400 miles on a full charge.

Digital fingerprints

Researchers at Ohio State University have created a new version of an emerging technology called “physically unclonable functions,” or PUFs, which are built into computer chips that will be used to develop digital fingerprints to foil hackers.