PUDDLE HOPS: Robotic welders; Rise of the Rest talent tour; P&G Ventures

Robotic welders

NASHVILLE, TN—Manufacturing automation company Hirebotics has created a new robotic welder that can be used through a smartphone app. The Cobot Welder comes with all the hardware and software required to get started on an automated welding implementation.

Augmented reality and self-driving cars

OVERLAND PARK, KS—Cambrian, a software development company specializing in augmented reality, machine learning, and computer vision for mobile devices, is now focusing its attention on self-driving vehicles. Until now, Cambrian’s augmented reality tool was primarily used in home improvement.

Procter & Gamble and Cincinnati’s ecosystem

CINCINNATI—Procter & Gamble’s effect on the Cincinnati’s ecosystem goes well beyond paychecks. Our local newsletter, Cincinnati Future, talked with former employees turned entrepreneurs and P&G Ventures about the corporation’s contributions to the innovation ecosystem. Read the feature here.

Rise of the Rest’s virtual tech talent tour

FLYOVER COUNTRY—Revolution’s Rise of the Rest fund will host the virtual Tech Talent Tour on June 22-24, 2021. The event seeks to educate job seekers about startup job opportunities at startups in cities located outside of Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston, connecting them with startup leadership from across the country actively looking for talent.

John Pappajohn’s competition winners

IOWA—The 2021 John Pappajohn Student Entrepreneurial Competition announced this year’s winners: Thuy Nguyen of the University of Iowa, founder of Optic Origin; Mason Weh of Iowa State University, founder of Mentoring for Change; and Anthony Piscopo of the University of Iowa, founder of Hawkeye Surgical Lighting.