Reading, ‘riting … and robotics

Cheryl Ng [CC BY-SA 4.0)

Cutting-edge science curricula, back in the dark ages (long before STEM became a thing), meant memorizing the periodic table, building models of the solar system out of Styrofoam balls, and maybe—if you were lucky—getting some hands-on experience with a PC the size of a pony.

Thankfully, tech has marched on.

Here’s one example. The Greater Lansing Business Monthly reported in February that the Michigan Department of Education was investing $3M in programs to help Michigan students become robot-savvy. The idea is to give kids a solid career footing while shrinking the tech talent gap. Good for the students; good for the economy; good for innovation and progress.

With this investment, state-funded grants awarded to both public and non-public schools are aiming to develop 2,300+ robotics programs throughout Michigan.