Tech Trend: The fight for top talent requires new tools

Image by Dan76 for Shutterstock

It’s hard to overvalue the hiring process. With many IT pros moving inward from the West Coast, the war for tech talent is at an all-time high. CIOs need to be prepared with a game plan for attracting the best talent in a candidate-driven market. That includes having a strategy for differentiating between the candidates who look good on paper vs. the ones who have the aptitude to make a big impact.

Indianapolis-based Woven is a hiring platform for developers that seeks to find talent that could go overlooked in a traditional hiring process. They offer a Scenario Grading Program in which candidates are evaluated against a deterministic rubric by trained and certified engineers who double blind-score each candidate’s results. If those engineers disagree on a single rubric item, then the candidate’s scores are escalated to a third engineer for resolution.

Gentis Solutions, located in Cincinnati, is a Technical Staffing Managed Service Provider (specializing in IT & Engineering). Gentis offers fully customizable video interviews and testing that allows you to evaluate candidates based on their demonstrated abilities instead of just stated skills.

Of course, you might already have the right talent on your team, but just need some guidance into how to direct it. Ascend Talent Strategies in Milwaukee helps bridge the technological gaps of your staff by assessing your people and helping you build a high-performing team through upskilling and strategy alignment.

The talent game is changing. You may want to look into resources like these to ensure you are competing at your best.