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Last year was a record year for digital ad spending and it is expected to keep growing, according to Forbes. Facing competition from all over, companies are under pressure to get better ad placements and to deliver the right content to the right person.

Adtech provides comprehensive behavioral data that can be used to target potential audiences better and measure campaign success. It’s become more popular as companies discover how cost-effective these solutions are. Here’s a quick look at just a few adtech companies in Flyover Country that are doing innovative things.

El Toro is an adtech company located in Louisville, KY that applies new digital targeting strategies and massive amounts of data to an old concept — target marketing. They collect about two trillion points of mobile location data every week from people’s phones when they opt in. “If you download an app on your phone, that app makes money by serving ads,” said Stacy Griggs, El Toro’s CEO. “We partner with about 10,000 different apps.”

Another adtech company in Louisville is, which offers proprietary machine-learning technology used to discover and interpret engagement on clients’ social media platforms, which helps business owners determine which content is really working.

Moving a little North, you’ll find Cincinnati-based Navistone. The company makes marketing more efficient by combining signals of intent with a conversion medium. Their patented technology combines intent data and direct mail so you can convert new customers with personalized content, while maintaining consumer privacy and reducing your customer acquisition costs.

Outsourcing sales and marketing company JumpCrew, located in Nashville, TN, uses data to identify and understand the audience for your product or service. They then develop marketing strategies to meet those customers where they are and move them down the sales funnel.

With competition heating up for customer leads and conversion, it’s worth taking a peak at what these companies have to offer. Click here for a more in-depth list of companies offering adtech solutions in Flyover Country.