TECH TRENDS: Universities growing tech talent | Keep healthcare data safe | RPA

Flyover U steps up to develop top tech talent

Every company is a tech company. IT leaders have to manage existing talent but also depend on local universities to develop and nurture future tech talent.

The University of Michigan‘s Ross School of Business is an example of a university that’s stepping up its game. The school’s Business+Tech Initiative is offering innovative action-based learning and co-curricular experiences to equip students with tech knowledge and skills that they can utilize to make a positive impact in business and society.

In addition, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has made a $175 million commitment to launch UW–Madison School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences, a state-of-the-art facility in the center of campus.

Eliminate tedious enterprise tasks

More and more CIOs are turning to robotic process automation (RPA) to eliminate tedious tasks for their workers, streamline operations, and reduce costs. Waystar, a provider of healthcare payments software, did a study about the adoption of RPA and AI by leading health systems. RPA and AI usage remains inconsistent across the various parts of the revenue cycle. However, 64% of those surveyed plan to pursue these technologies within the next three years—primarily to improve financial performance.

Cybersecurity in healthcare

Vulnerabilities with medical device security and increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks have become big challenges for the healthcare sector. In September, the University of Minnesota announced a new Center for Medical Device Cybersecurity (CMCDC) which aims to foster university-industry-government collaborations to ensure that medical devices are both safe and secure from the growing number of cybersecurity threats.

If you’re in charge of data security in the healthcare industry, the Center for Internet Security, in partnership with Akamai, is offering the Malicious Domain Blocking and Reporting (MDBR) service at no cost to all public and private hospitals and related healthcare organizations in the United States.

Fast food, with a side of AI

Fast food franchise Wendy’s, headquartered in Ohio, intends to leverage Google Cloud’s data analytics, AI, machine learning, and hybrid cloud tools to create new ways customers can order food in the drive thru, on their mobile devices and through other touchpoints.

Wendy’s isn’t the only Flyover Country investing in AI and digital transformation. This year, Louisville-based YUM! Brands acquired Dragontail’s connected, intelligent, end-to-end AI-based solution that automates the kitchen flow, combined with the process of dispatching drivers. Great to see institutions stepping up to provide talent. We applaud the effort!