Flyover Cities see growth in tech jobs | Michigan’s tech force grows due to EVs

Tech jobs move to Flyover Country

FLYOVER–According to a Brookings Institution report, Madison, Wis., and Durham, N.C., have marked strong growth in new tech jobs while cities traditionally considered tech strongholds have seen their growth rates slip. The study says that work-from-anywhere policies and newly mobile tech workers will improve the economies of smaller cities around the U.S.

Michigan and EVs

MICHIGAN–CompTIA ranked Michigan in the top ten states to grow its tech workforce from 2019 to 2020. Today, tech accounts for 8.8% of the state’s jobs. One sector driving technology needs more than any other in Michigan is the rise in electric vehicles. This has created a hot war for talent.

Ohio U and digital engineering tools

ATHENS, OH–Siemens will collaborate with Ohio University’s Russ College of Engineering and Technology to give students and faculty access to a suite of digital engineering tools that will provide an advantage in both the classroom and the laboratory.

Inno Center comes to Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, IN–California-based company Pacific Defense will open a new office at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center in Fort Wayne. Pacific Defense develops tools for electronic warfare, signals intelligence, communications, and command and control, for use by the military and prime defense contractors.