Netskope to make Clayton its primary hub | Tech workers come back home to Michigan

Cybersecurity firm Netskope opens office in Clayton as ‘primary hub’ for central U.S. operations

ST. LOUIS, MO–Cybersecurity edge company Netskope announced it will open an office in Clayton, Mo., a suburb of St. Louis. The location was selected because of its “talent-rich technology environment,” the press release said. It will serve as Netskope’s primary hub in the U.S.

Remote work boomerangs tech workers back home to Michigan

MICHIGAN–Remote workers are returning to Michigan, thanks to the state’s fertile ground for tech. The convergence of nationally recognized universities and legacy of auto innovation bring an advantage for bringing workers home to the state from the coasts. CompTIA projected Michigan’s net tech growth to be around 1,800 new jobs this year.

Encamp secures $30M in Series C funding to help enterprises transform their environmental compliance

INDIANAPOLIS, IN–Encamp announced it had secured $30 million in Series C funding from Drive Capital. Encamp is an award-winning enterprise technology startup for compliance data management. The company saw a 500 percent increase in ARR in 2021.