Tech careers for 100 Hoosiers | $10M gift for CMU tech hub

Tech careers for Hoosiers

INDIANA—DC-based IT company MetroStar has committed to creating technology careers for 100 Hoosiers over the next five years in support of ongoing initiatives to grow the organization’s team of creatives, strategists, and technology enthusiasts. MetroStar’s Midwest Expansion Plan is a strategic investment bringing additional innovation, growth, and technology careers to Indiana.

Oklahoma overhauls its cybersecurity infrastructure

OKLAHOMA—Oklahoma is aggressively pushing back against cyberattacks on government agencies. The state’s Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) is almost three years into an overhaul of its cybersecurity infrastructure. OMES Cyber Command has put the basic systems in place to “serve and protect” an attack surface of over 30,000 state employees in dozens of state agencies.

Carnegie Mellon to create Center for Design Fusion

PITTSBURGH, PA—A record $10 million gift will establish Joseph Ballay Center for Design Fusion at Carnegie Mellon. The Center will serve as a hub for CMU design courses, executive education, sponsored projects, and design research. CMU Emeritus Professor of Design and alumnus Joseph Ballay and his wife, Sue, are donating the funds.

The latest on Apple’s data center in Iowa

WAUKEE, IA—It looks like construction will begin on Apple’s billion dollar data center in Iowa. The project got the approval of the Waukee Planning and Zoning Commission, now they just need Waukee City Council’s approval. Apple would get $207 million in economic incentives, including a more than $188 million tax abatement from the city of Waukee. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that he would “donate up to $100 million to a public improvement fund.”