Tech Wins: St. Louis tops for tech jobs | Flyover schools and tech transfer

St. Louis tops for tech jobs

ST. LOUIS, MO–In the St. Louis metro area, which covers parts of Missouri and Illinois, jobs in high-tech industries account for 10.5% of overall employment compared to 9.5% of all employment nationwide. The average annual pay among occupations in STEM fields in the area stands at $124,487, about 2.1 times higher than the average pay across all occupations in the metro area.

Flyover universities and tech transfer

FLYOVER IN GENERAL–Arkansas-based think tank Heartland Forward ranked 166 universities on their ability to transfer technology developed on campus into the commercial world. Some highlights: Carnegie Mellon University ranked #1; North Carolina State ranked #7; The University of Minnesota ranked #10; Purdue University ranked #11; Northwestern University ranked #13; Duke University ranked #15; and the University of Michigan ranked #16.

Amazon and machine learning in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, PA–In 2018, Amazon announced plans to expand its footprint and add about 125 jobs to what was then a workforce of 60 people in Pittsburgh. Four years later, a focus of the Amazon tech hub is machine learning technology.