TECH WINS: When I Work scores $200M | Purdue U has big win

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—SaaS employee scheduling and time-tracking platform When I Work secured a $200 million growth investment from Bain Capital Tech Opportunities. Employees use the platform to view and swap shifts, clock in, view hours worked, and request time off.

FLYOVER COUNTRY—A study from Suddenlink reveals the top 10 most tech-ready cities, based on the number of tech companies present, tech jobs per 10,000 capita, number of Wi-Fi hotspots, average internet speed, and the cost of monthly internet. While New York City scored the top spot the rest of the list was populated by cities in Flyover country.

 WEST LAFAYETTE, IN—Purdue University was the only university selected for Fast Company’s list of ‘Brands that Matter.’ Purdue joins a list of 95 internationally recognized brands, including Nike, Zoom and Yeti, and other large multinational conglomerates, small-but-mighty companies and nonprofits. Included in the reasons cited by Fast Company included The Data Mine, which prepares students for the data-driven workplace. 

PITTSBURGH, PA—Pittsburgh-based startup Aurora Innovation unveiled the beta version of Aurora Driver, its flagship product that combines data captured from cameras, lidar, and other sensors into a perception system that can autonomously control and drive vehicles.