Tulsa’s tech stance | Logistics tech company lands $6M | Federal lab to open new space

Tulsa’s tech stance

TULSA, OK–You can find strong evidence that Tulsa is increasingly becoming a tech hub. There’s only about one person for every ten open tech roles in the Tulsa metro. Here are some efforts by the city that are making Tulsa the future of technology.

Logistics tech company lands $6M

DETROIT, MI—Tech startup Livegistics Inc. has closed on $6 million in venture capital funding to further scale its logistics tech. The company’s technology is a cloud-based material management system with GPS tracking, which it says minimizes the use of paper and decreases fraud, revenue loss and lawsuits by utilizing real-time data analytics. The $6 million seed round was led by Refinery Ventures out of Cincinnati and BlackOps Ventures, a Miami-based venture capital firm focused on investments in Black-owned startups.

Federal lab to open new space

Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane (NSWC Crane), a Navy federal laboratory in southern Indiana, has signed an agreement with Purdue Research Foundation to occupy 14,000 square feet of space at WestGate Academy. The space will be used for workforce development and other “front door” capabilities, such as the Small Business Office and Technology Transfer Office.

ISU to develop cybersecurity tech

AMES, OH–Iowa State University will receive part of $12 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop cybersecurity tech. ISU’s project will enable defense-in-depth security and resilience for cyber-physical systems using AI-integrated, attack-resilient, and proactive system technologies and solutions.

First magneto-electric transistor

LINCOLN, NE–Physicists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Buffalo are teaming up to craft the first magneto-electric transistor. The transistor could help feed the world’s ever-growing appetite for digital memory while slicing up to 5% of the energy from its power-hungry diet.